An underdog story

Scene:   The protagonist is warming up in the back. Short of stature and of medium build. Think Little Mac with a tan. His face is pale and sweaty. He says to his coach “Do you think I can win?” “Champ, Champ, what aspects of your opponent’s game are you worried about?” A reporter asks whileContinue reading “An underdog story”

Shoulder Injuries in Combat sports-Rehab

Shoulder injuries can occur for a variety of reasons during grappling. If you land wrong on your shoulder you have a big knot on what was a normal AC joint. Wait too long to submit and now there’s an issue with the rotator cuff muscles, or ligaments, and tendons. Most of the time these injuriesContinue reading “Shoulder Injuries in Combat sports-Rehab”

Shoulder injuries in Combat sports

          Hey everyone.  Quis here. Name two people in your gym that just love being thrown.  I don’t mean just an everyday sacrifice throw but two guys that love getting thrown for 5.  Full-blown took off the mat, feet above your head, and brought down just safe enough to not get calledContinue reading “Shoulder injuries in Combat sports”

Injuries and Rehab in Combat Sports part 1

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute. Yeah, my bag about that. Things got busy and then they slowed down and then got busy again. I guess the kid has been on a proverbial roller coaster. Once again I apologize. The next few blogs will cover a subject that I enjoy a lot and have hadContinue reading “Injuries and Rehab in Combat Sports part 1”