Fearless Physical Therapy is a Mobile Concierge Physical Therapy Clinic. What does that mean? Basically, unlike other PT clinics in the area, we meet our clients where they are located. If a client wants to have Therapy at their home one day then at their job or the gym the next day we can provide those services. We provide true 1:1 services where our clients are not seeing a technician for the majority of their care but a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Clinics in the area schedule at least 2 patients an hour and some 4 or more. At Fearless Physical Therapy you will be one on one with the clinician so we can truly meet your needs. We are a cashed-based clinic which allows us more freedom in how we treat the client. Under certain circumstances, we do accept most insurances. We have direct access so our clients do not need to have a script from their doctor to start therapy.

Fearless Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Dr. Marquis Jordan PT, DPT. He has almost 20 years of Physical Therapy experience and has been certified in concussion management, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and return to work screens. Dr. Jordan received advanced training in Manual Therapy, Sports Physical Therapy, and Aquatic Therapy. He became interested in Physical Therapy after his grandmother became paralyzed in 1994. His love for his grandmother dictates how he treats every patient as she instilled in him the fact that everyone is special and should be treated as such.

Let’s get you living again

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