Sleep in the Time of Covid

Wham! What the…?! Who in the….?! Doing my absolute best to refocus. I’m still groggy as I begin slipping back into consciousness and regaining my equilibrium. Disbelieving about what has just transpired. Someone just hit me with an elbow in my Medulla Oblongata, you know from The Waterboy, and it almost rocked me. The fightContinue reading “Sleep in the Time of Covid”

Common Injuries in Combat Sports

by Dr. Marquis Jordan PT,DPT Ok it’s almost  time to step out there onto mat. Just finished jumping rope to warm and burn off some of that nervous energy. Doesn’t work, stomach is churning as you finish up your pre-fight routine. Two slaps to the face, one dead center in your chest now down yourContinue reading “Common Injuries in Combat Sports”