Why Fearless Physical Therapy

 Fearless Physical Therapy was started to provide the quality of care I feel patients need. To be able to look at myself in the mirror every night and realize that I gave my patients my undivided attention and the best possible care each time. I’m tired of faceless entities dictating how I treat my patients, how many patients I see in the day, how much I need to charge per patient I am tired of faceless entities telling me how much time to spend with each patient. I became a physical therapist because I want to help people like my grandmother. My grandmother became paralyzed July 1994 after a work injury. She required my family’s help to do the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning, bathing and getting dressed. My grandmother was fortunate in that when she went to Physical Therapy they were able to spend as much time with her as needed. In today’s therapy business model  a clinician has to see at least 2-4 clients every hour. They have to do this while keeping up with the documentation because we aren’t paid to document after the patient leaves and while keeping up with other day to day activities the job requires. Most of the time evaluations are now 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes to get out the patient’s entire history of their current situation and then perform a thorough evaluation. My grandmother would’ve needed more than 30 minutes for a treatment session and there is no way a 30 minute evaluation would have been possible. 

Fearless is a mobile PT clinic because some patients can’t leave their jobs for a full hour. Fearless is a mobile clinic because if you are like my mother when she was taking care of my grandmother you really can’t leave the house after you come home from work because you have responsibilities. Fearless is mobile because you may not want to have to leave the gym or the golf course and coming to a clinic on the other side of town is just an inconvenience. 


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