My Time With Low Back Pain

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In November of 2017, I was at the gym in my normal routine.  It was a light day nowhere near my max. What could go wrong right. Turns out  a lot. I had a jacked up day at work. I was so irritated and out of focus that even the warm up was a struggle. Instead of taking my big headed self home I stayed and went to deadlifts. On the last rep I felt something pull and wanted to fall out. I shuffle  to the nearest bench and try to front like I’m just taking a rest break.

For the next 7 days even the smallest activity took Herculean effort. I had difficulty even getting up from the toilet. The longer I sat down the more pain I was in. No matter what position I tried to sleep in, I could not get comfortable. Have you tried chasing around a two toddlers with a bad back and no sleep. My girls owned me. The house would look like a scene in one of those post apocalypse movies. You know that shot after the fallout and right before the zombies started coming in to slow walk down the main character’s best friend.

Fast forward two-three months later. My activity level switched from the gym three times a week to walking Wal-Mart with a buggy. My blood pressure was going back up and I picked up a lot of the weight I lost. I avoided the gym like I owed it money. How was I going to tell my patients that they needed to be active when I wasn’t. I’m a big guy but I’m quick  and strong. This guy that I had become got winded bending down to tie his shoe. The pain was a lot better because I knew what movements to do to manage the symptoms but mentally I was shook

I had to get my life back. I didn’t visit my buddies anymore and the kids didn’t even ask me to play with them. I went back to the gym and no lie it hurt until it didn’t. I had to remind myself that in order to heal fully my joints and muscles needed stress and pressure. It seemed to take forever but I got better and I got my head right.

It still hurts sometimes, especially if I’m slacking off but I have my life back. I’m able to  keep up with the kids and got back into my old routine.


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