Too Much Too Extra

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Hey, I’m Q. Jordan and I’m a “Too”. I’ve always been “too” something. Usually too much or too extra.  I’ve been told I talked to White I’ve been told I talked too urban. I’ve been called too loud and then told I’m too quiet. I’m too wild or I’m too reserved. my whole entire life has always been I’m too something. It always seems that when I’m told that I’m too something is used to try to put me down or break me. I could be wrong on this but in my recollections the conversations that I’ve had when I was too wild too Urban, I talk too White or I use too much slang. I’m too quiet, too slow, too fast we’re all used as an insult or to tell me I would never make it. It’s funny how words can be used to knock you down. What people may mean for constructive criticism if said the wrong way can be another hurdle for you to overcome.

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I’ve listened to patients being told that their backs were too weak. That their muscles are too frail. That they were too old or too small to get better. that the situation was too severe for them to progress. I’ve watched people be broken down and trip into conceding defeat before even stepping into the fight because of words. I’ve watched as my own words which I meant to motivate someone tear them down. It’s funny how we’re told sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt us those words can wreak havoc on our mental state which in turn jacks up our physical state. 

I’ve tried in my years after the therapist to watch what I say to my patients to provide more encouraging words to them so it does not break them down. but then I’ve been told that my communication skills are too limited or that I use too many big words or that I’m too verbose or too laconic.

 I usually relish the opportunity to make someone swallow their words whole. but there is something about being told that my clinic was too little or too rinky-dink or too new and that hurt me. So I started to think about these things. Unfortunately, that’s what my clinic became for a while, a small little mobile PT Clinic with a limited reach not many patients, and not much word of mouth. 

 Then I stumbled upon some patients that were told that they were too far gone or their heart was too bad, their back was too weak or their body was too frail. These were good people. What kind of hearts that as soon as you meet them you become family to them. how I was raised Nobody messes with family. You can say whatever you want about me but when your words or your actions hurt my family it’s a problem. That’s how I took those situations with those clients. if they were called too frail, the training was geared toward making them strong. If they thought they were too frail, too weak, or too feeble when they left me they thought they could take on the world.

 That’s what they said I brought to the table. sure it’s not the biggest it’s not the coolest it’s not the most spacious but what I do and when I bring to the table is confidence and a passion that motivates people. They say I can get them to do more than what they thought they could do and what they wanted to do. that I had a sneaky way of getting what I wanted to be done while making it seem like it was their idea and they were all the happier for it.

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 One of them asked me why I hadn’t applied those same tricks to growing in my business. and the only answer I could give him at the time was that I guess I was too scared. for somebody with the name Fearless that’s not a good look. The person told me that I need to go out there like I do with my therapy sessions with the confidence that I know what I’m doing and I’m done. I’m the best person for the job. That I need to take every loss and failure as a chance to come back harder like I told him. He said that upon first meeting me I just seemed like too much but in a good way.

Being too much isn’t so bad I guess. It’s part of who I am and I like myself. I have achieved a lot by being just “too much and too extra.” So I guess if anyone else is considered too much or too extra, own that bad boy.


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